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How we work


Step 1


After arrival in our depot, the machines are thoroughly cleaned and made ready for advertising.

Step 2

Inspection & Testing

After cleaning, we inspect and test the machine. With this information we can make an accurate and honest description of the machine’s general condition.


Step 3

Reparation & Maintenance

Small repairs are done in our workshop such as leakages, window replacements etc.

Step 4

Sales process

During the sales process, we inform our customers with as much detailed information as possible. If the customer is unable to inspect the machine, we can send detailed pictures and video’s.

Step 5

Worldwide delivery

We deliver our machinery to destinations all over the world. As a service we can offer either RoRo or container shipments to most seaports. We work with reliable partners with competitive shipping rates.

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Top Quality

machinery purchased from reliable suppliers in Europe.

Ready to work

Machines are inspected and cleaned. Our machines are ready to go straight into work!

Worldwide delivery

We deliver our machines to your destination, either over sea or road for the best rates!

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